Terms & Conditions

section 1
 1. any person above age 18 so eligeble for joining as a independent 
    distributor of assured salutary role marketing private limited . 

2.there is no relationship of employee-employer between the distributor 
  and the company.the independent distributor of the company shall be 
  considered as an independent business person starting the business 
  with his/her free will and speard his business without any pressure,
  force from anyone.

section 2
 1.   that the independent distributor very well known that the company is
   a direct-selling network marketing company dealing in ready -made garments.
   and that there is no membership fee,joining fee or renewal fee in the company
   the independent distributor only pay for products and get a tax paid invoice
   against their purchases.

2. that the independent distributor of the company full responsibility for
   for the correctness of his/her aadhar no,bank account & pan details submitted
   in the online/offline application.

3. that the independent distributor of the company shall not force any new 
   distributor/prospect to buy the goods from the company and shall explain /
   discribe t0the prospect the business plan of the in most fair,clear and 
   transparent method.

4. that the independent distributor  commit any false detail  so that he takes 
   full responsbility and company is not responsbile for misguide by distributor.
   in this case company have right for any decision against the independent 

5. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not claim him self/her 
   self to be friend/associate/acquaintance of the Administrators /Directors/Staff
   of the Company in ordertoshowspecial privilege and thus claim to affect the
   business prospects.

6. That the Independent Distributor of the company declares that he/she has no
   “personal”links,acquaintance or relations of any kind with any of Company’s 
    staff members or their families/relations.In case there is an existing
    relationship or acquaintance,it must be declared prior to starting business
    with the company, and the company management will authorize such distributorship
    requests in its owndiscretion. Breach of these terms will automatically terminate
    the distributorship.

7.That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not restrain any distributor to do
business in his/her particular way and shall also 
 not restrain him/her from leaving then et workor
encourage him / her to leave the Company.

8.  That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall not promote the 
goods of any other Company doing the business similar to the Company and 
shall not persuade the customers to purchase 
products of other such companies 
and further shall not sponsor them to approach other Direct Selling

section .3
1. That the Independent Distributor of the Company shall be liable for the payment of all taxes/
fees, appropriate Government authorities,payable inconnection with or incidental to upon
becoming an Independent Distributor of the Company.

2. That the Independent Distributors shall not been titled for any costs incurred on new prospects
for training, advertising, social engagements or other such programs. The Independent Distributor of the
company shall not pay to or charge from anyone unofficially in then ame of training, promotionin
network or for any favour or purpose what so ever. Distributorship shall be terminated immediately in
case of breach of these terms.

3. That these terms and conditions shall be applicable to all the Independent Distributors of the
Company and the Company shall be entitled to amend the same without any direct personal notice
other than an official notification regarding the said amendments.

4. That all the Independent Distributors shall read these terms and conditions and ensure that the
same have been understood by new prospects very clearly in their mothertongue as well.       

 All disputes are subject to Bhind Jurisdiction only.